My name is Andrew Moraca. I am a Visualist
I do Film + Design

About Me

I am recent graduate from Northern Arizona University. I earned two degrees in May 2014 - Bachelor of Science (Film) and Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Communication - Graphic Design and Interactive Design). My aspirations are to combine my skills in film and design, similar to Saul Bass, to craft my work into memorable pieces for the entire world to experience. My biggest inspirations come from Saul Bass, John Hughes, and my beautiful wife, Lindy.



You can view my accomplishments in Directing, Cinematography, Editing, and Motion Design below. As a storyteller, it is important for me to make stories connect with my audiences whether they be relateable or inclusive because that's what makes the films memorable.


Below are my successes in designing eye-catching and engaging pieces of work that resonates with audiences. My ventures of work entail Posters, Books, Branding, and Interactivity.

Say Hi!

Thanks for checking out my site! Please feel free to send me any feedback or contact me about any potential work I can do for you!

Also, here is my resume for you to look at!