beautiful cinematic stories


Simple, easy pricing maximized to fit your budget and need. No packages. No stuff you don't need. No Non-sense. Anything you want.


Highlight Film (Music only) – $2150   Includes full-coverage of your special day. Video length not set but is usually ~3 to 6 minutes long. Includes music licensing for up to 2 songs. Travel costs may be added depending on location.

Story Film (Music + Dialogue) – starting at $2850   What makes you as a couple, you! Includes full-coverage of your special day with professional dialogue recording (vows, letters, speeches, etc.) as the backbone of the story. Video length not set but is usually ~4 to 10 minutes long. Includes music licensing for up to 2 songs. Travel costs may be added depending on location.


Ceremony Video – $250   Relive your vows with a view from your guests with quality audio.

Speeches and Toasts – $350   Listen to the embarrassing stories your friends and family shared with the rest of your guests. Up to 3 speeches, additional speeches are $100 each.

Social Media Video – $250   Get a one minute sneak-peek of your wedding within 24 hours of your special day.

Time-lapse – $300   Add something unique and see how much of a blur your wedding day was in the form of a time-lapse.

Honeymoon Video – $650   Now that you've probably traveled somewhere exotic, it's time to show your friends and family more than just a few sweet photos on Instagram. I'll gameplan with you on best filming practices and techniques, make some settings adjustments on your phones/cameras, then chop it all together when you return from your honeymoon.

Second Cinematographer – $650   Sometimes a wedding has so much awesome stuff going on that it’s hard to capture with just one person with one camera. This helps me get an assistant to get more coverage of your wedding day. On a case-by-case basis, I may require adding an assistant but you are welcome to request one if I don’t. I have a great pool of other talented cinematographers to join me!

Extra fast turn around – $1000   Get your final wedding video bumped up before everyone else's and delivered to you within 1 to 2 weeks!


Engagement / Save the Date – starting at $750   Show the world how the two of you met, how you got engaged, or make something to send to your guests announcing your special day.

Ceremony Video Only – $1250   You don't need the extra stuff, just something simple and sweet to remember your vows for years to come.

Elopement – Let's meet and figure it out.

Travel – $0.50/mile   Anywhere outside of the Phoenix/Scottsdale area (about 45mins) will be added to the base price. For example, Sedona and Flagstaff would be about $55 and $70, respectively. Other travel outside of 3hrs may require airfare, hotel, and/or food will be added to the base price, but let's talk! I love traveling to new destinations for weddings!